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Very **** suit

This suit is great. It shows off my figure perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. I like this suit very much.

So surprised, this dress is great

What a surprise! This suit is amazing, the fabric feels so comfortable and it fits so well, my sister said it looks great on me.

5 stars

Their customization service is great. This suit fits me perfectly. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, and it’s not stuffy at all. It’s especially suitable for attending my sister’s wedding next week.

Super awesome suit

This suit is great, just as beautiful as you see in the pictures, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable

high quality

Very pleasant surprise! This suit is great, very comfortable to wear, very suitable for the interview tomorrow, 5 stars

The color is nice and fits well

The color is nice and fits well

A great deal

I ordered this burgundy suit last week, and I was surprised to receive the package today. This suit is very slim-fitting and makes me look a lot thinner. The quality is also great. I must give it 5 stars.

A set of clothes worth buying

This suit is very slim-fitting, the fabric is smooth and wrinkle-free, breathable and comfortable

Like royal blue

The royal blue color is very beautiful, not stuffy and comfortable to wear.

great service

I bought this suit to attend my sister's wedding, but when I received it, I found that the size I chose was a little smaller. After contacting customer service, I told them that my sister's wedding was going to be held in 6 days, and they were willing to add extras for me. Need a new suit urgently, this service is great

beautiful clothes

Ordered this suit a week ago and received it today, great suit, just as beautiful as shown on the website, fits me perfectly

Overall, this is a nice suit

I bought this suit for an interview. It is breathable and comfortable to wear. The fabric is also very comfortable to touch. I think it is great that you can buy such quality for $100. The only drawback is that the logistics time is relatively long.

comfortable to wear

The quality is very good, the size is suitable, and it is very comfortable to wear

Great custom service

Very beautiful, just like the picture shows. I ordered two as I wasn't sure which size I was wearing and they emailed me to let me know I could get my size custom made for free, which cut my losses and it fit me perfectly, great custom made suit

reliable seller

It is very comfortable to wear and the quality is very good, but the buttons on the clothes are black. After communicating with the seller, they are willing to reship it for me. This is a great website

as beautiful as the picture

Received the package today and it fits perfectly, just as beautiful as the picture

nice vest

Good quality and good size


Very slim fit suit, very comfortable to wear, good size fit

very breathable

Great quality, breathable and comfortable to wear, very satisfied

suitable for work

It fits well, my husband said it looks very elegant with high heels

sister likes it

I bought it as a gift for my sister, this dress is very slim to wear, and the fabric is also very comfortable to the touch, breathable and refreshing


Received the package yesterday, just right for tomorrow's interview, very comfortable to wear


Looks very stylish and stylish, very comfortable to wear, I am very satisfied

will order again

I like the style of this suit, it is simple and elegant, the tailoring is exquisite, the texture is also great, it is very suitable for you

already bookmarked this site

This is a gift for my best friend. The delivery is a bit slow. Fortunately, it was delivered two days before her birthday. When she put it on, my best friend said that she likes this suit very much